Joe Hammel

  • Company: BDO AG
  • Position: Manager; Responsible for the auditing department at the Basel branch
  • Remit / main activity: Auditing
  • Highest academic qualification: state-certified auditor
  • Place of work: Basel
  • No. of employees at place of work: 28



What makes my work exciting? 

  • Personal contact with clients  
  • Full insight into a range of companies, the discussion and analysis of complex specialist topics 
  • Working with a great team 

Why did I enter the profession?

  • Exciting job where you keep busy, gain a huge wealth of experience, and get an insight into management and Board-level topics right after your studies 
  • It never gets boring (different clients, new challenges and opportunities every year) 
  • A great deal of contact with clients  
  • A lot of summer holidays 

What challenges does my work present?

  • A high degree of flexibility, both in terms of time and subject matter. A wide range of industries: auditing a hospital one day, then a company in the engineering industry the next day.
  • The balancing act between compliance with regulatory requirements, added value for the client and cost pressure. 

How does my work benefit the economy?

  • Security for stakeholders (employees, investors, suppliers, clients)  
  • Our experience and expertise offer clients added value (identifying process optimisation potential, highlighting risks, etc.)

What is important to me in my client relationships? 

  • Open, direct and timely communication  
  • Communication as equals 
  • Transparency
  • Empathy; understanding the client 

What is currently important for my clients in our cooperation (keyword: coronavirus)? 

  • Proactive and timely information on regulatory changes and options, e.g. how reduced hours have to be filed and accounted for and what deadlines must be met. 
  • Fast response time, high degree of availability 

How has the industry changed? What are the challenges for the future? 

  • Increased regulation 
  • Digitisation does not stop with auditing; certain (simple) tasks are carried out using data analysis procedures or, in some cases, they are centralised and carried out abroad.  
  • Auditing is a people business.  
  • Communication with clients and the resulting understanding of their business model and risks are crucial for a high quality of audit and service provision. 
  • We have to make sure that the essential human factor is combined with progress via digitisation and increased regulation.  
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