Philipp Schlumpf

  • Company: BDO AG
  • Position: Auditor
  • Remit / main activity: Auditing
  • Highest academic qualification: state-certified auditor
  • Place of work: Steinhausen / Zug
  • No. of employees at place of work: 40



What makes my work exciting?
Working with a wide variety of people (internal, external, clients, etc.), always learning new things, gaining insight into a wide range of industries, constantly developing my expertise through new experiences.

Why did I enter the profession?
It simply turned out that way, but I’m very happy about it.

What challenges does my work present?
Constant changes, legal regulations and requirements vs. client demands and my personal desire to give the client the feeling of receiving good service.  

How does my work benefit the economy?
A different question? For example, regarding work-life balance: the seasonal nature of my work gives me the opportunity to take longer breaks in summer and have enough time for family, sports and hobbies. Flexibility: work is possible from anywhere, not tied to a specific location.

What is important to me in my client relationships? 
An open and honest approach that makes clients feel good.

What is currently important for my clients in our cooperation (keyword: coronavirus)? 
A different question?  

How has the industry changed? What are the challenges for the future?
Client demands, digitisation, new working tools, auditing is becoming more interdisciplinary and new approaches to auditing must be taken due to technological and regulatory changes.

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